Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Place to Share some Ideas

Being CEO of a technology firm that caters to the US mortgage lending industry is probably not where a lot of today's business leaders would want to be. We're working our way through the third year of a devastating economic downturn and our leaders don't seem to know how to get us out of it. There are solutions available and success stories to build on even in these times. For our part, we've been working hard to develop technology that allows our customers to make clear the value of owning a home, and it's helping.

It's when things get tough that we really find out what we're made of. I can't tell you how proud I am of the team I lead at Mortgage Cadence. These are people who don't shy away from adversity, who won't lay down just because someone else tells them the business is getting hard. They inspire me to work harder every day because they believe there are better days ahead. I believe that, too.

But we won't inherit a better tomorrow by making the same mistakes we made yesterday. It's going to take some new thinking, some tough decision making and some real dedication to seeing innovation through at all costs. In this space, I'll share some ideas we're working on and give you our view of what the future will hold, for our business and yours. Thanks for joining me.