Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Rods and Car Shows

Recently, I have been able to take some time to travel for pleasure and digest everything that has taken place since the beginning of Spring. In taking some time to clear my mind and focus on one of my personal hobbies, I attended the 15th Colorado Nationals Good Guys Hot Rod and Custom Show in Loveland, Colorado earlier this month, which I have been a member of for many years now.

Along with my family, I brought along my ‘32 Highboy Roadster (see top photo), and even though it was not submitted for any awards, I was flagged down and given the Staff Choice Award. I have put a lot of heart into restoring this Roadster and was pleasantly surprised to win!

In addition to the Colorado show, my father and I packed up the trailer with my car and our motorcycles and headed out to Los Angeles for the 48th Annual L.A. Roadster Show.

Interestingly, the LA Roadster Show was formed in the early 50s when guys would stop at the original Big Boy drive-in restaurant located in Hollywood, ready to drag race. The club became official in 1957 and has now turned into a world-class swap meet. Over the course of 2 full days, we walked the several acres’ worth of motorcycles and hot rods. If you know what you’re looking for, you will find some absolutely amazing treasures for both motorcycle and hot rod enthusiasts alike.

At the end of it all, the time spent with friends and family allows me to recharge my batteries and get in a state of mind ready to tackle the coming weeks. What is your outlet when you want to take a break from work?

Friday, June 22, 2012

End of the Week Thoughts | Positive Forward Momentum

As I close out one of the busiest and most exciting weeks at Mortgage Cadence, I am very pleased at the reception we have received. The positive reaction from not only the media but also our customers has been overwhelming, and I am so glad they were able to see the ultimate vision of the acquisition. Continuing to travel down the path of a customer-centric approach to mortgage technology, this was a natural decision but was not without much consideration and due-diligence. Austin Kilgore wrote a well-written post discussing the distinct differences in approach between being privately-held like Mortgage Cadence and publicly-held like other entities doing business in the markets we serve. He really captured the essence of what I have been conveying all along; the decision was based largely on Mortgage Cadence and Monitor Clipper Partners’ belief in a customer-centric approach to lending. Ultimately, lenders appreciate technology providers geared towards customer service rather than forcing change through acquisition. I believe we have done just that through this transaction, and the decision to focus on the customer will ultimately lead to our continued profitability and success. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Five R's of Superior Service

As I have grown Mortgage Cadence over the years and established our reputation as the leader in the mortgage technology industry, we have also worked hard to be the only company to offer a customer experience that is unmatched. Recently, I read an article on that highlights the five core values to an exceptional customer service experience. CEO of a fresh fruit delivery company, Chris Mittelstaedt, summed up the Five R's of Superior Customer Service well. Below are his five R's and my thoughts on each as they related to the mortgage technology business:

1. Be Respectful
There are times when customers may be upset and come off disrespectful, but no matter what, we must treat everyone equally and be receptive to their concerns and what they are trying to convey.

2. Be Responsive
Observe, listen, and understand your customer's problems before creating solutions. This has been key to our success and has allowed us to take our technology to the next level time and time again. 

3. Be Realistic
Set realistic expectations! This is crucial to a successful implementation and fundamental to any successful technology business. 

4. Be Responsible
When everyone takes ownership of their responsibilities and the way tasks are delegated and handed off, the doors to greater communication are inherently opened.

5. Be Remembered Positively
Be able to walk away from an interaction with your head held high. If you aren't able to do this, something went wrong in the above 4 R's. I strive to create a work environment that offers a positive culture to ensure that everything we do, and the interactions we have with customers, are left on a positive note.

Are there any other R's you think are crucial to not only a positive work environment but a positive customer experience that are not listed above? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking News! Mortgage Cadence Acquires Prime Alliance

Recently, my blog posts have been few and far between, and you may be wondering where I've been. Over the past few months, I have been extremely busy travelling all over the country, meeting with customers and prospects, and working through potential acquisitions. We are in the midst of some very exciting times at Mortgage Cadence, and I’m excited to share with you the announcement of Mortgage Cadence acquiring Prime Alliance!

To give you a bit of background, in late 2010 Mortgage Cadence announced its relationship with Monitor Clipper Partners in an effort to support our growth plans and progress our offerings with the end goal of exceeding customer expectations.  I believe our relationship with Monitor Clipper has produced many tangible advancements in our overall business operations and in the solutions we provide our customers as we continue to strive to be the single best partner our clients work with. 

The reasons for the acquisition of Prime Alliance are very simple, I see the Prime Alliance team as very talented and their technology advanced.  We also share a vision and manufacturing mindset that will continue to automate the mortgage process resulting in our customers’ ability to confidently deliver 100% compliant products.  I believe that combining our organizations will greatly benefit our customers in the form of leading-edge solutions and providing world-class customer service; supported by the best and most experienced individuals in the mortgage lending space.

There are more exciting updates to come, but for now know that our commitment to the mortgage industry is as strong as ever, and I look forward to all the doors this will open!