Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Sturgis Annual Rally

The weekend is upon us! As I have shared in previous posts, riding and my motorcycles are a huge passion of mine and my family’s. This weekend, I am headed up to Sturgis in South Dakota for a few days for the 72nd Annual Rally. Despite what people may associate with this event, it is not the drunken debacle everyone says it is. When we are there, we fill our time with going out to nice dinners, taking beautiful rides in the scenic Black Hills and surrounding Badlands, and attending several art openings, galleries, and book signings. My family and I go up there many times throughout the year as it is just a 350 mile ride from our home in Colorado. Between the open road and the unique landscape of Wyoming and South Dakota, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery; whether the day brings ominous clouds, wildlife, or the perfect riding weather, the serenity of this ride is hard to explain without experiencing firsthand.

I would highly recommend the journey up I-85 to the Black Hills if you ever get the chance. The Black Hills can be more beautiful than even the Rocky Mountains under the right circumstances. After a brief rain shower, everything seems to radiate an inner glow of deep, yet vibrant greens. There are so many great places to stop from antique shops to restaurants in the small towns sprinkled throughout the Hills on your way to Sturgis, and the people are extremely welcoming and always friendly. I can’t wait to get this weekend started, and I encourage you all to do something this weekend that really fulfills you and helps bring you back to the simple things in life!

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